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MAUS GmbH runs at B2Run!

With 20 participants, Maus GmbH successfully entered the home straight with joy and fun. First and above all our employee Antoine Delrue, who achieved rank 13 in the category „individual classification male“. Congrats at this point!   Concerning fun, good humour and team spirit, the Maus runners are definitely number one - being there is…
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Christmas 2021

It is time to say THANK YOU for that what was, so that what will be, begins under a good star.   Our heartfelt thanks for the cooperation in the past year - for the Christmas season many wonderful hours - for the New Year much health, happiness, success, confidence and hope. We will be…
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Summer 2021

Summer – time to relax, unwind and just do nothing for a change, no matter where you are! We do this during our company holidays from August 2nd to 13th 2021! On August 16th 2021 we will be there for you again, full of energy! Enjoy your vacation too!
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